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Mayo Clinic Champions share their knowledge and experience to help other patients make the best choices for their care. Champions are committed to making a difference in the lives of others facing complex health issues and always advocate for patients.

Jun 25, 2019

Track the difference you make

By Tony Hart, @TonyHart87

You’re already doing amazing work with sharing your Mayo Clinic experience with others. We encourage you to track the difference you are making. Tracking helps you better see the full impact you are having and it lets us know about all the great work you are doing too. As you connect with others, it’s easy to track it through your Champion profile.

  • Visit the Goals and Badges section of your profile.
  • Select the badge that best fits your connection.
  • Check the box that you've done it.
  • Write in background information (optional).
  • Click “save”.

Hope and Healing Badge tracking

Tracking also shows your progress on how close you are to earning badges. The badges  display on your profile for others to see as you post comments on the Champions website. There are five Champion badges that you can earn:

  • ChampionRegister to become a Mayo Clinic Champion and receive the e-newsletter.
  • Social Master - Share Mayo Clinic health information and medical news on social media.
  • Hope & Healing – Recommend others seek care at Mayo Clinic.
  • MavenSpeak at a meeting or event about your health journey.
  • StorytellerShare your Mayo Clinic story with someone.

The difference you are making is important and tracking helps us all celebrate it.


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