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Aug 16, 2018

Correcting the record on CNN story

By Tony Hart, Champion Specialist, @TonyHart87

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On Monday, CNN published a series involving a former patient titled Escape from the Mayo Clinic.

Mayo Clinic publicly responded to the story labeling it as inaccurate and incomplete reporting. In a letter sent to CNN, Mayo Clinic points out the reporters disregarding and not investigating key facts including:

  • Allegation of the mother’s abuse of the patient
  • Mayo never denied a request from the family to transfer the patient to a different facility
  • The mother was removed from the hospital after exhibiting escalating disruptive and aggressive behavior

Read the full letter sent to CNN.

Recently Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) also reported on the story with additional facts and information pointing out inaccuracies and “red flags” when the mother had written to MPR in March of 2017 about doing a story about her daughter being “pushed out the door” of Mayo after their insurance changed.

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I am sure because of privacy and HIPPA, Mayo was prevented by the family from helping this individual. Most of us have witnessed familial neglect or domestic violence (1 in 4) at some time. I am grateful to see the response you provided to CNN.


All goes back to FAKE NEWS! Thank you for the information!


I wasn't comfortable with Mayo Clinic's counter-attack against the mother. I think they should go after CNN as an organization and not the mother. CNN used their resources to publish their report. I think there was relationship breakdown and that happens all the time. The family did say glowing things about how the surgeons saved the daughter's life. Also nobody has said that the family caused the girl's injury from abuse/neglect. So I think they are probably like lots and lots of other families with imperfect people. I definitely believe that mom loves loves her daughter more than anybody else in the world. The daughter is better off with the mom she has than no mom. That's why I couldn't see cutting mom out like that. They could have met on neutral ground if mom was angry and yelling. That happens all the time between school and parents for IEP meetings. Schools and parents often have disagreements over kids' school needs.

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