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Sep 11, 2018

HABIT Returns to Rochester, MN!

By Dr. Anne Shandera-Ochsner, HABIT Midwest Director, @dranneshanderaochsner

RST Team Photo 2018

After a hiatus of over 1 year, we are thrilled to announce that the HABIT Healthy Action to Benefit Independence & Thinking Program ® has returned to regularly scheduled sessions in Rochester, Minnesota. The team is a mix of staff who primarily work in the La Crosse, Wisconsin Mayo Clinic Health System location, and others who work in Rochester.

If you're unfamiliar with the HABIT program for people with Mild Cognitive Impairment and their care partners, check out this page to learn all about it!

Our session included 8 wonderful couples/partnerships from around the country. The location was the scenic Assisi Heights conference center, and many patients and partners enjoyed being able to get outside for a stretch break and some fresh air. As is usually the case, patients and partners found a sense of community with one another, and left feeling motivated to continue working on their new HABITS!

Our next session will be in October, 2018, followed by 4 sessions in 2019. The goal is to make this "Rochester" HABIT a Midwest HABIT program, with offerings in La Crosse as well.

Thanks to the patients, partners, and staff who helped make this special session a success!

Photo of staff from left to right: Carolyn Isaak, M.S. (Yoga & Meditation Teacher), Jennifer Loepfe, B.A. (Cognitive Trainer), Angelina Polsinelli, Ph.D. (Neuropsychology Fellow), Anni Shandera-Ochsner, Ph.D., L.P. (HABIT MN Director), Joanne Nordeen, M.S. (Cognitive Trainer), Miranda Morris, M.S. (HABIT Enterprise-wide Coordinator), Alissa Butts, Ph.D., L.P. (Neuropsychologist).


Congratulations, Rochester! The setting sounds wonderful and if the patients and partners were half as thrilled with the program as our Jacksonville alumni, then you have a happy group there. I want to invite all of the partners from your graduating group to come on over to the Living with MCI Partners Group ( It's a great way for us to stay connected with each other and keep that sense of community going. I look forward to "e-meeting" some of the partners there.


Great to have you back Mayo Midwest!!! You have an outstanding team, and we are so happy for you!!!

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