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Dec 4, 2017

Pectus excavatum: Surgeons learn from each other

By Dawn E. Jaroszewski, M.D., @DawnJaroszewskiMD

Jaroszewski pectus conference labIn early October, 65 pediatric as well as adult chest surgeons from around the world met in Phoenix, Arizona to sharpen their skills and learn more about pectus excavatum surgery.  Mayo providers Dawn Jaroszewski, M.D.Mathew Thomas, M.D., and Staci Beamer, M.D. presented at the conference as well as led small group labs which allowed participants to gains hands on experience with the tools of the trade. Mayo Clinic provider Dennis Wigle, M.D., Ph.D. also participated at the conference.

Pectus patients can be seen and evaluated in Arizona, Florida, or Minnesota. Mayo Clinic Arizona has one of the largest adult pectus excavatum treatment centers in the world. Our teams work together to give you, the patient, the best possible surgical experience and outcomes.

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Additional Photos from the event:

Dr. Mathew ThomasDr. Mathew Thomas

Dr. Staci Beamer and Dr. Dawn Jaroszewski








Drs. Staci Beamer and Dawn Jaroszewski

Dr. Dawn Jaroszewski








Dr. Dawn Jaroszewski

Dr. Mathew ThomasDr. Mathew Thomas


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