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Dec 14, 2017

Celebrate your achievements helping others

By Tony Hart, Champion Specialist, @TonyHart87

New home page

The new Mayo Clinic Champions home page displays the latest information for the Mayo Clinic Champions. The new home page:

  • Provides a new, easy-share newsfeed of Mayo Clinic patient stories, health information, and medical news. Here you’ll find all Mayo Clinic content in one place, quick share options for social media, and an option to use a prepopulated messages or create your own when sharing content.
  • Highlights the latest blogposts
  • Provides easy access to outreach tools and tips
  • Includes the latest from Mayo Clinic on Facebook and Twitter
  • Gives a snapshot of your latest #MonthlyMissions to help others

New Mayo Clinic Champions Home Page

New recognition badges to celebrate your success

Mayo Clinic Champions now can earn digital badges for reaching out to others. You are making a difference with your experience. The recognition badges are just one small way to celebrate your impact. Whether you’re spreading the word one conversation at a time, sharing the latest Mayo Clinic research or planning an event, you’re inspiring others to make a difference too.

You also can earn additional badges by participating on Connect, the online patient-to-patient community.

How it works

Mayo Clinic Champions BadgeYou can start earning badges today. It’s as easy as visiting the My Goals & Badges section in your profile, selecting a badge, and logging your shares or events. Connect-specific badges are earned as you post and interact within the online community. Badges have bronze, silver, and gold statuses that can be earned as you continue to help others. Below are some of the Mayo Clinic Champion badges that you can earn:

  • Social Master – shared Mayo Clinic news via social media
  • Maven – spoke at a meeting or event about your health journey
  • Storyteller – told my health journey story to someone

In the comments below, tell us what you think about the new features or let us know what your favorite badge is.

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Joined: Nov 15, 2017
Posted by @cindypekarek, Dec 19, 2017

I am on Briviact and it has changed my life I no longer have Partial Complex Seizures I would like to get this out that my insurance covered it for me and now I am a new person I was a Patient to Mayo Client in the early 2000’s I am now able to live without fear I would like to get the word out to the doctors at Mayo that this is a wonder drug for some reason…

Posted by @TonyHart87, Dec 19, 2017

Hello Cindy. I’m so glad to hear you’re doing well. If you’d like to reach out to others about your experience online, there is an Epilepsy and Seizures group on Connect: . If you’d like to share your experience with others in person, the Mayo Clinic Champions has some tips on that: I’m sure others would love to hear about your experience.

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