Community Outreach Tools

Help others in your community

As a Champion, you have a powerful story to tell and you can make an impact in your community. Whether you are speaking at health condition support groups, an advocacy organization conference, your local Kiwanis group or anything in between, these tools can help you locate speaking opportunities, get prep work done and deliver a strong presentation.

Spend some time examining our set of tips, tools and FAQs to help you get started.

Mayo Clinic tips and quick facts

This Mayo Clinic fact sheet provides the basics about Mayo Clinic. Use this handout at conferences and speaking events where you're sharing your story.


Creating your bio

How do you put together an interesting biography? How much is too much - or not enough? Read through these tips on putting together a stand-out bio that reflects who you are.


Coming Soon

Speaking proposal

Coming soon. As you do your research and find venues that align with your mission, event organizers may ask you for a short proposal outlining what you plan to speak about. This step-by-step question format will help you focus on your strongest message and what can make your proposal stand out.


Presentation builder

Coming soon. Access tips for creating your presentation plus easy-to-use templates you can customize.


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