Video Q&A - Are your kids addicted to Social Media?

Thu, Feb 20
11:00am to 11:30am CT


Dr. Angela Mattke and Dr. Nusheen Ameenuddin, pediatrician and Chair of the Council on Communications and Media at American Academy Pediatrics discussed the effects of screens and social media on children and teens.



We have a painful situation. I'm a 73 yr old grandmother who grew up in the day when tv shows were rationed, and no tv during homework time. It was considered a distraction, etc. Well, for some unknown reason, my 43 year old divorced daughter thinks media is fine and her 14 year old can game and watch weird utubes whenever day or night. No sense of her being the adult, but wants to kid to be her friend, so te kid can schedule her own life. She is an unfortunate student. And when I've mentioned this to my daughter, she says, people are different now and raised differently. The are nice people, no problems with substances and alcohol. But I consider this media an addiction. Just no balance of indoors and outdoors and moving the body except a finger. It's really unfortunate to me. My daughter had animals, horses, dogs and cats when growing up which I think is a real benefit for people of all ages. The 14 year old talks to her cat, but not much petty or snuggling of the animal. Just got two new puppies, you'd think she would cuddle them, but stands her distance and mostly orders them around. They are in dog training and I think that training is more for the kid than the puppies.

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