Sisters: Newly Diagnosed Breast Cancer Support Group

Sisters: Newly Diagnosed Breast Cancer Support Group

Wed, Nov 22, 2023
11:00am to 12:00pm MT


For newly diagnosed women up to 1 year of treatment (Mayo Clinic patients only)

“Sisters” is a monthly breast cancer support group specifically for those newly diagnosed with breast cancer in their first year of treatment. It is a group where women can connect with women who understand and know exactly what each is going through to receive and offer mutual support.

The group meets on Zoom every fourth Wednesday of the month at 11am Arizona time(find your time zone).

To register and get the Zoom invite, contact:
Jacqui Hops MSW, LCSW 480-342-6196




Jacqui Hops
Jacqui Hops
Phone: 480-342-6196

My diagnosis is extremely new. Day before yesterday I was notified that my right breast has “invasive ductal carcinoma, poorly differentiated.” All three parts of that diagnosis seem horrifying and I dread the implications. Next week the remainder of the small spiculated nodule will be completely (I hope) removed. Then I will be notified which receptors have been found in my body, to indicate which treatments will be relevant. I hope they will not interfere with the implications of my IgM kappa MGUS. I’m frightened.

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