Myeloma and You: A Day for Patients and Caregivers Webinar

Myeloma and You: A Day for Patients and Caregivers Webinar

Sat, Jan 8, 2022
8:30am to 2:30pm ET


Mayo Clinic invites you to join us on January 8, 2022 for an exciting patient and caregiver symposium: Myeloma and You.  This online event is free to attend.  Enjoy interactive discussions on the current landscape of myeloma, integrated approaches to care, survivorship, and daily life.


Myeloma Survivorship: Patient Experience, Caregiver Experience, Myeloma 101, Symptom Management

Treatment Landscape and Future Directions: Current Treatments Including Transplant, Managing Treatment Side Effects, Breakthroughs and Immunotherapy, CAR-T Therapy

Integrated Approach to Patient Care: Yoga Therapy, Cancer and Nutrition, Patient/Caregiver Resources, Exercise and Myeloma, Managing Pain, Mental Health, Role of the Social Worker

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I may not be able to attend. Can I register and get access to a recording later?


I cannot attend but I would love to have access to a recording, if possible.


I could not attend this webinar and wondered if a video is possible. thank you

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