#MayoClinicHeartChat about Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy & Genetics

Tue, Apr 11
10:00am to 10:30am CT


Steven Lester, M.D., cardiologist, at Mayo Clinic in Arizona talks about hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) and genetics.

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Dr. Lester answered questions during the live event. Questions for Dr. Lester are now closed, but we encourage you to continue the conversations.



Good day Dr Lester, I’m fully aware that my question probably has nothing to do with genetic HCM. I’m a cancer survivor of Hodskins over 40 yrs remission but now at 50 yrs of age I have severe calcification on my arteries and heart. I had open heart surgery on 03/16 to replace a aortic valve TVAR, a single bypass, stents placed in my two other arteries to my heart and a pacemaker of which I’m 100 % depended on. All at the same time. My problem is restenosis of my stents. I’m on my 3 rd procedure in one year and am trying to be proactive in the event they get clogged up again. I wanted to know if there was any non invasive procedures I could consider. Yes we have tried drug eluding stents, different meds, ( Plavix now I’m on EFFIENT ). I am a type 2 diabetic. I’m just trying to survive, and I feel as if I’m running out of options. Please point me in the right direction where I might get some answers . Thank you and God Bless. My family and 4 sons will deeply appreciate any source of information. Gus .


Good morning Dr. Lester. If you tested negative for known hcm gene, will we have to retest as new genes are found? Dr Lester I am planing to walk a half marathon in may. Currently walking four to seven miles a day. Other than hydration, what do you want me to be concerned about?


What do you think of the new heart medicine “Entresto””?


Question: for concentric cardiomyopathy, can ablation..surgical , be an option or is heart transplant only choice. Our daughter recovered from unwitnessed cardiac arrest, now has pacemaker, but strong fatigue


That’s what I had done in January of this year. Ablation.

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