Carillon Concert

Carillon Concert

Tue, Jan 19
4:45pm to 5:15pm CT


212th Birthday of Edgar Allen Poe

America – arr. Gordon Slater

The Bells – Peter Paul Olejar

  1. Silver Bells
  2. Golden Bells
  3. Alarum Bells
  4. Iron Bells

Midnight, from Halloween Suite – Laura Hewitt Whipple

Second Suite, After Poe: The Bells – Robert Kleinschmidt

  1. Hear the sledges with their bells – silver bells
  2. Hear the mellow golden bells – wedding bells
  3. Hear the wild alarum bells – brazen bells
  4. Hear the tolling of the bells – iron bells

Toccata in D Minor, BWV 565 – J.S. Bach, arr. Judson Maynard

Mayo Clinic Annenberg Plaza

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