Caregiver Support Group Meeting

Caregiver Support Group Meeting

Thu, Jan 25, 2024
12:00pm to 1:00pm MT


Caring for the Caregiver Support Group meets weekly on Thursdays from 12-1 p.m. MT (Find your time zone.)

This is a group specifically for those who care for a loved one- regardless of their medical issue. This group was formed as a way to connect, share and receive support from others navigating the often overwhelming journey as caregiver.

All caregivers welcome. The group is for caregivers, so we respectfully ask that patients not attend. Currently the group meets virtually via Zoom.

To register and get the Zoom invite, contact:
Katie Lespron MSW, LMSW 480-342-4005




Katie Lespron, MSW
Katie Lespron, MSW
Phone: 480-342-4005

Is there a chat room online for this group? My stepdad can’t do zoom because he will be overheard by my mother and she will be severely angry.


As part of the Zoom meeting, there is a CHAT room that is used simotaneously. However, he will need to use headphones to avoid using the computer speakers and being overheard. That's my thoughts, as I was a new member to this group just last week. Hope this helps. Mel


I wish I had found this group in 2022 and 2023. I brought my parents to live in my home in 2020. My father passed away February 2022 and I regret that I couldn't be with him much because while he was dying I was in the hospital with COVID pneumonia and blood clots. Four days before his funeral I had a sever kidney infection. In August 2022 my Mom went to Iowa surgery for bowel surgery. She was there for six weeks and once again, I couldn't visit her because I had COVID. Thankfully, the symptoms weren't that bad, so after a week I could go be with Mom. She was sent home on hospice with a G-Tube, which I cleaned three times a day. She had seven good months of life. I witnessed her taking her final breath. I haven't gone to any of the grief group sessions in my area, but I'm finally grieving a lot it seems. I think I've been in denial. My heart is broken, but I live each day to its fullest. Grief is hard and lonely!

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