Breast Cancer Support Group Meeting

Breast Cancer Support Group Meeting

Mon, May 20, 2024
7:00pm to 8:00pm CT


This breast cancer support group is open to individuals diagnosed with stage 0 to stage 3 breast cancer. The group meets via Zoom every Monday from 7-8 pm Central Time (find your time zone).

Mayo Clinic and non-Mayo Clinic patients are welcome. This is a compassionate virtual space to connect with others who can relate to the physical and emotional impacts of breast cancer. The support group is community-based led by two breast cancer survivors who facilitate the meetings enhanced by their personal experiences. Regularly, providers from the Mayo Clinic Breast Cancer Care Team join the group to offer support and share their breast cancer expertise.

Sponsored by Breast Cancer Support Network

To register and get the Zoom invite, contact: Lisa Halverson 507-254-4141




Lisa Halverson
Lisa Halverson
Phone: 507-254-4141

Hi! I am a 9 months out since ILC in left breast. In july having mri to see if any cancer. I want the flush IV after and wonder if anyone is doing it. I just am concerned about the dye used. The gadalinium (sp). I drink water after and gadorade? But I want more to insure it is washed away. So has anyone had the flush after and what was the result? And does Medicare pay for it if your surgeon orders? Thanks

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