2018 Humanities in Medicine Symposium

2018 Humanities in Medicine Symposium

Sat, Nov 10 to Sun, Nov 11, 2018
8:00am to 7:00pm CT


Humanities in Medicine Symposium 2018

Theme – Education and Research in the Arts and Humanities in Healthcare. What Do We Know? What Is the Future? An invitation to share and explore emerging research and innovation in the field of arts and humanities in healthcare.

The aim of this symposium is to showcase:

  • The impact of arts and humanities programs on patient outcomes and quality of care
  • Innovative and unique arts in healthcare programs in the context of academic research
  • The role of the arts and humanities in medical education core competencies and wellness of healthcare practitioners

Tracks – PRACTICE, RESEARCH, and EDUCATION of arts and humanities in healthcare focused on OUTCOMES integrating arts in healthcare in medical training and/or patient care.

Registration Fees

For information on the symposium and to submit a proposal to present, please visit the website here. Early bird registration is now open.




Since we can’t attend, will there be an available video or publications we can obtain after the symposium concludes? Thank you!
Prof. C.T. Chieffo, Founder of the Department of Art, Music and theater, emeritus, Georgetown University, Washington, DC.

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