Zometa, ONJ, when is it really necessary?

Posted by brighterdays @brighterdays, Oct 8, 2023

Just started on Aromasin 2 months ago. Also on OFS every 3 months. Age 48. My oncologist recommended I get Zometa infusions of 4mg every 6 months for 3 years. Saying it decreases mortality and metastasis in the bones. I’m stage 1 IDC, peanut sized tumor on right breast, grade 3, no lymph involvement.

I later got a DEXA scan which showed osteopenia in both hips, lower spine is very strong though.

I’m hesitant about getting the infusion because of ONJ. I’ve had a lot of dental work done, many root canals and crowns and a couple of implants.

If you are on Zometa, what is your dosage and how often do you get it? Anyone have ONJ and what was the experience like?

I’d want to increase my chances of a long life after this diagnosis because I have a wee 7 year old but these side effects are scary.

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@semurray no Tymlos is not a bisphosphonate. It is an anabolic bone builder that works through the parathyroid, similar to Forteo. You inject it every day, using a pen with clicks that indicate dosage. I am very sensitive to meds and tried for years to get on an osteoporosis med (I have vertebral fractures, after cancer meds). I was able to do Tymlos because the dose is adjustable. I started with two clicks and worked up slowly. Full dose is 8 clicks and I mostly did 6 or 7. I had excellent gains.

@myoga thank you but no I don't work in the medical field. I have several health issues as does one of my kids. On this forum we try to give information based on our own experience, and not actual medical advice!

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