Zometa infusion & breast cancer

Posted by tygerrag2 @tygerrag2, Jun 1, 2022

Heard about Zometa & read some studies that said the infusion can help reduce percentage of reoccurrence of breast cancer. Anyone have any knowledge or experience ?

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Not breast cancer but my brother has perfectly healthy 60 year old bones and just received two compression fractures for his troubles helping a neighbor, when he fell backward and landed on his bottom. He is now in terrible pain, a back brace, and using a walker. If I can avoid this I will! If this drug might be helping my cancer, that is just a bonus.
@tygerrag2 did you decide to try the zometa?


There are several studies that indicate it can reduce late distant recurrence by about 26% or more.

I just finished chemotherapy last week and still need 6 weeks of radiation. I was wondering who has started Zometa, how do you feel and how long after the end of chemotherapy did you start.


I did letrozole for 5 years but my endocrinologist did not want to do Reclast (same drug as Zometa; Zometa is used at higher doses for stage 4 I believe) due to some other health issues I have. I lost a lot of bone density and fractured three lumbar vertebrae. Painful and disabling.

I have now done two years of Tymlos and bone density looks better than before cancer. I have to do Reclast to "lock in" my gains. They are doing a 20% dose with IV hydration to see how my kidneys do. Be aware that these meds can potentially affect kidneys so have kidney testing done first.


OK, I am a fan of Zometa (suggested to me by Dana Farber) -- had to come "home" and educate my oncologist. I started a month after my last radiation treatment (which was 6 weeks long). I had Stage IIIc ILC. Willing to do anything that hints at tumor suppression in the bones (in addition to bone strengthening). Due for a 2 yr ck on bone density, but last ck bone density had improved. I do need to say, however, dental work is tricky having been on Zometa. I can't get a dentist to do any restorative work because of the jaw necrosis possible side effect (and that includes a consultation at Tufts) I had three years of Zometa (the current standard of care according to DF), infusions 6 mos. apart (through my PortaCath). The effects of Zometa (whether they be bad or good) are supposed to last a very long time. Haven't read up on the current medical papers on Zometa, but I'm sure you can find some updated info.

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