Zometa infusion & breast cancer

Posted by tygerrag2 @tygerrag2, Jun 1, 2022

Heard about Zometa & read some studies that said the infusion can help reduce percentage of reoccurrence of breast cancer. Anyone have any knowledge or experience ?

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I did not know this either. I’m on Zometa also. I’ll be talking to my Oncologist. I also have an appointment w/ a Bone Health doctor on July. August will be my 3rd Zometa infusion. I was under the impression you had to do the infusion since taking Anastrozole.


This is my story as well. I also have a mess for teeth. They do warn you about having dental work but if you break a tooth, you have to do something and that’s when the problem starts. I have definitely learned to be gentle on my teeth. If it will help with Mets…………I am all the way in.


did not know about this. I'm on Zometa since they put me on menopause and I'm also taking Anastrozole (I have MBC). This is not a great recipe for bones, hence the Zometa. I guess I'll be happy about this "bonus" effect 🙂
(On a side note, my oncologist once mentioned that it'd also be "good" for my bone metastasis)


Here's how I understand it. I have one more infusion remaining of my 3 year course. This drug was originally prescribed to patients to strengthen bones (like other biophosphonates), or guard against bone loss due to the side effects of other drugs (like AI's), but over the course of time, some studies have shown that this particular biophosphonate may have tumor suppression properties. I think the jury is still out on this. However, if there is a small bit of a chance that this might be true, personally I'm going for it. It was prescribed to me by a cancer center. My local oncologist knew nothing about it. My teeth, however, are a mess. That old risk/benefit conversation.

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