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Zometa infusion & breast cancer

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Here's how I understand it. I have one more infusion remaining of my 3 year course. This drug was originally prescribed to patients to strengthen bones (like other biophosphonates), or guard against bone loss due to the side effects of other drugs (like AI's), but over the course of time, some studies have shown that this particular biophosphonate may have tumor suppression properties. I think the jury is still out on this. However, if there is a small bit of a chance that this might be true, personally I'm going for it. It was prescribed to me by a cancer center. My local oncologist knew nothing about it. My teeth, however, are a mess. That old risk/benefit conversation.

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@mdr3, are you saying Zometa or AIs are affecting teeth?

Zometa is a bisphosphonate derivative. It can cause BRONJ osteonarcosis as can the bisphosphonates and Prolia. I know someone who was put on it after having had breast cancer and the person developed early signs of jaw bone issues and was taken off of it. If you think that you might be addressing complex dental issues in the future, please advise your physician to make sure zometa is right for you.

I have seen conflicting information about the benefits of zometa for breast cancer patients but leave that to oncologists and others with experience with AIs and zometa.