Your tips for healthy living with osteoporosis: What helps?

Welcome to the Osteoporosis & Bone Health group, a space for support, practical information, and answers to your questions from members like you about bone loss and healthy living.

Pull up a chair and let’s chat. Why not start by introducing yourself? What healthy living tip has helped you live well with osteoporosis?

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Hi, fellow osteoporosis/osteopenia friends.
I have somewhat advanced osteoporosis and am dealing with it as well as I can with medication and making sure that I get enough protein and calcium daily. Many people don't realize that protein is as important as calcium - bones are half protein.

When I had my first DXA (that is now the approved abbreviation, not DEXA) in my late 50s my bones were amazingly strong. My endocrinologist believes that being on prednisone for a number of years following a liver transplant caused osteoporosis. Exercise is imperative and using weights, whatever weight works for you, is encouraged for upper body. I must admit, I have not been exercising nearly as much as I should be recently and I hope to turn over a new leaf starting tomorrow and get back to exercising. Part of that was because during the pandemic I couldn't go to my health club, and being on immunosuppressants, my transplant team delayed my return to the health club. I did do a lot of YouTube videos but frankly I got sort of burned out on them. I was walking frequently but the trail I was walking has temporarily closed due to road work so I had to find a different place, further away. My street is hilly and I have trouble with hills. Those are all of my excuses.

I am part of the group OsteoBoston that has zoom meetings monthly with different speakers. Most of the month there is no activity, just the monthly zooms, but if anyone is interested in that I will provide the email address of the woman who runs it. It's a good group and if you can't make the zoom meetings they are out there on YouTube to view afterward.

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I would be interested in OsteoBoston also. Could you send the email of woman who runs it please. Thanks


I am taking Calcium with D3 but can’t find the K2. My aunt, retired nurse, recommended this for my mother and I. I thought it was all one pill. The Calcium D3 is but I can’t find the K2. I am in SC also very close to stores in NC. Do you have any recommendations for finding it? Thank you. I’m overdue for a DEXA scan and to be honest, scared to find out what it says.

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Hello, I take Viactiv Calcium Bone - chews that contain 650 mg calcium, 500 IU of D, and 40 mcg of K

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