Your experience with Alfuzosin or other Alpha Blockers

Posted by jayhall @jayhall, Jun 11 9:52am

Thanks to everyone on this forum for your input! It's helped. I'm 60 and I've had BPH and elevated PSA for some time. I'm on two year monitoring for PC and I'm currently taking Alfuzosin for my BPH. I'm doing well but I'm peeing like crazy. I sleep most nights and wake up about 2 times to pee Instead of the 4-5 times a night before I started taking Alfuzosin. What's driving me crazy now is that I can pee every 30 minutes during the daytime. Anyone else experience this? Did you change drugs? If so to what?

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Try buying D-Mannose powder at vitaminshoppe or elsewhere and seeing if it helps slow that down.

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