Your experience during & after Transrectal Prostate Biopsy (TRUS)

Posted by somi @somi, Oct 19, 2023

Hi, my husband is scheduled for a trans rectal prostate biopsy tomorrow. His PSA has been rising and his urologist recommended it. I’ve read horrible accounts on the internet of complications and I was wondering if anyone would share their experience, both positive and negative. Has anyone had an uneventful recovery? I’m hoping he will delay the procedure until we know more. Thank you and God bless.

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I had it and it was no problem. Went in, got it done had a corned beef sandwich for lunch and drove home. Good luck for a good procedure and a good report!


I had it and it was no problem. Went in, got it done had a corned beef sandwich for lunch and drove home. Good luck for a good procedure and a good report!

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You were so fortunate to not have any of the complications they mention. Thank you for the well wishes!


I had it done a year ago and all went well. I had no complications or issues. The only issue was really feeling some, not all of the samples. Be concerned but don’t put it off. I was diagnosed with stage 1 intermediate Gleason4/3=7. A core was tested and I was just over the aggressive side. Received Proton radiation and hormone shots, 3 total. Rang the bell in May and doing very well. Be concerned, get educated and move forward. Give your husband all the support that you can. Good luck and Godspeed.


I had it a couple years ago, it was a "non-event" The only side effect that I had that hasn't been mentioned here just yet is a little blood in the semen. It's expected but it's alarming if no one has warned you.
Other than that, a tad uncomfortable for few hours after. That's about it.


Because of my heart failure my urologist wanted to do my biopsies rectally. I did not want to do it this way. My heart failure doctor advise my urologist no problem with doing transpernial and under anesthesia.

There is an increased risk (but is only 2% increase) of serious infection when done rectally. Almost 0% if done transperenial. Also I am not sure how much anxiety your husband has but having it done trasperenial and with anesthesia is completely without any pain, discomfort and anxiety. If someone had not told me the biopsies had been done I would have not had any feelings that it had been done after and days following.

Urologist used a method of MRI/Fusion and did 20 biopsies. Of course under anesthesia you have no knowledge of time and this. For me transpernial versus rectal is what I wanted. However as you can see others have posted they had it rectally and no problems but I chose the less anxiety one with the less chance of secondary infections.


I just had my trans rectal fusion biopsy 4 days ago and I am awaiting results.

I am 67 years old and in excellent health. My PSA had increased from 5.06 to 7.80 in 6 months so my GP referred me to a urologist. The first thing he did was schedule a multiparametric MRI; which determined that I had three lesions (PI-RADS grades of 3,4 and 5).

Due to the 4 and 5 PI-RADS lesions, he scheduled a fusion biopsy; which I had 12 days later.

I was completely “under” during the biopsy (21 samples taken) and remember nothing and felt no pain during the procedure. I woke up in the same room I left and my wife drove me home 30 minutes later.

I felt “sore” when I got home and immediately took 1000mg of Tylenol (doctor recommended) which relieved the soreness.

About 3 hours later I took another 1000mg of Tylenol and then took a 3 hour nap. When I woke up all “soreness” was gone and never returned.

During the first 24 hours, after the biopsy, I took the maximum recommended amount of Tylenol - 4000mg (mostly as a preventative). By day two I stopped the Tylenol completely and haven’t taken any since (now on day four after my biopsy).

I had some concerns about blood in the urine, stool and semen, based on the fact that my urologist indicated that I would most likely see those post procedure symptoms.

I had the tiniest amount of blood in my first urination, but no pain whatsoever. I had a slight amount of rectal bleeding for the first 24 hours, which completely stopped by day two. I had no pain or any discomfort in my first bowel movement.

The biggest surprise was a significant amount of blood in my first semen specimen after the procedure; but I was expecting this based on what I had been told prior to the procedure.

Bottom Line is that you definitely want your husband to get a multiparametric MRI prior to getting a fusion biopsy (ultrasound superimposed over the MRI imaging). This will tell you whether and to what level any lesions are present, so that the follow up biopsy (if recommended) has the highest probability of accessing any suspicious areas that may be cancerous.

I am very happy with my urologist and how he systemically went through each stage of the process leading up to my fusion biopsy.

Although I’m still waiting on my results, my urologist has indicated that he will have a PSMA PET-CT performed, if the biopsy indicates any significant level of cancer.

With all three procedures performed (multiparametric MRI, fusion biopsy and PSMA PET-CT) a thorough understanding of ones individual situation can be obtained, before treatment considerations are discussed regarding any cancer that may be found.

Therefore, my experience having a biopsy has been very favorable and I thank my Lord Jesus for being able to have this level of care taken to assess my situation.

May God bless you and your husband.


Here's what I wrote in my journal after the biopsy 9 months ago:

After blocking the local nerves with lidocaine, like a dentist would for a filling, a special ultrasound probe is (gently) placed in the rectum, with a spring mechanism enabling a rapid insertion and withdrawal of a long needle into and back out of the prostate, like taking a core sample of a tree or a glacier. An enema, and two antibiotic doses are employed to minimize the risk of infection. Lying on my side facing away from the doctor, all I felt apart from the slight discomfort of the probe itself, was a bubbling vibration as each of the ten “shots” went into and out of my offending organ.

Two days after the procedure, I left for my third ski trip of the season...

No after effects of any kind. A non-event for me.


Great to see a team effort on research! When my wife and I were researching biopsies, she found that TPUS (trans perineal) were less likely to cause infection. While the infection rate with TRUS (trans rectal) biopsies is fairly low, about 1 in 100, it drops 5x with TPUS.

I needed to change Urologists in order to get this procedure which also turned out to be a benefit as my new Dr. was highly accomplished and had led in the introduction of new technologies at Stanford Medical. I tolerated the TPUS biopsy well with local anesthesia. There is some minor pain as needles are injected, however, Drs. typically prescribe Ativan to chill you out and it helps with the 'chomping' that is apparent with all types of biopsies.

I had a minor complication that I had had before during a sigmoidoscopy. Vasovagal reaction is the vagal response when stimulation of the vagus nerve causes symptoms such as lightheadedness, sweating, and blurred vision. This can happen because of stress, pain, heat, having a bowel movement, or even standing too long. It passes quickly, but, my wife freaked when the color ran out of my face.

Best of luck!


I had the trans rectal biopsy. Had zero pain, maybe a little pinching Zero after problems. Spoke with the urologist all the way through it. The biopsy ended up gleason 10, and since have had 45 radiation and on my 2nd year of Orgovyx. But the biopsy, was easy, no real pain, and no after effects. Hope his goes as well.


Hello. I had a biopsy in August. My PSA was rising as well. After 14 cores, they found cancer in one core, 3+4 =7 I will be having it removed in 2 weeks. Regarding the biopsy itself, it was painless. I took an antibiotic for three days. 2 pills the day before, on the day and two the day after. The only side effect was some blood in the urine. They told me it could be up to 6 weeks but it stopped in less than two. Although it is an invasive procedure, the cancer was discovered and my treatment will take place. The best scenario is they tell your husband he has cancer or he is cancer free. Either way it will let you determine what to do next. Hope this helps. Good luck.

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