yes I did re-train and am a C.N.A. but my jobs are

Posted by Mazzie2012 @mazzie2012, Jul 15, 2012

yes I did re-train and am a C.N.A. but my jobs are always in jeopardy cause of my dis-order and time off from it with doctors notes of course, my last dental assisting job was so stressfull that I had a major panic attack and shook so hard that I couldn’t work in peoples mouths for 8 months anf it basically ruined that career as far as getting another job in that field here in this county

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Mazzie just another thought you could ask your employer to maybe pace your workload. I have done this and it is working out quite well


she won’t do it she is so selfish and money hungry have been here only 5 months cause the long term care home had little staff and it left me so drained and i would cry at work in an empty room til I could get it togehter


Hey can I make you my friend or do you wish to be friends with me I really am sane just sick

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