Wound won’t heal - due to neuropathy?

Posted by All_in_1963 @burrkay, Nov 22, 2022

I have had neuropathy in my left foot for years, due to scar tissue on the sciatic nerve caused from a fusion of L5 and S1 in 2007…
Memorial Day, 2022 I developed a blister on my ankle bone on my leg with neuropathy (left), caused from walking in a tennis shoe with no socks…stupid!

My Doc sent me to The Wound Center in July, since it was not healing…
After 8 weeks or so of treating it with scraping and bandaging it each visit, the doc released me thinking it was nearly healed and no need for additional treatments.
Thanksgiving is Thursday, and the wound is still not healed!
Suggestions anyone?

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@burrkay has anyone checked your vitamin D?


Hello @burrkay. This sounds frustrating. A couple of questions that come to my mind are have you changed your shoes so it doesn't keep irritating the wound? Have you checked back with your doctor from the Wound Clinic to give him/her an update and let them know it hasn't healed?


There could be other factors. In addition to PN I also have veinous insufficiency, which results in edema and slow-to-heal wounds. I've been using a lot of Neosporin and band aids recently.


I have 3 words for you- wound care clinic. Neuropathy causes some decreased blood flow to affected area. I lost my lower leg due to softened bone which led to multiple fractures. Eventually they were not fixable.


Has the doctor mentioned Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?
My internist tried to set me up for treatment of neuropathy and was rejected since I had no open wounds that would not heal. Just a thought.
Best of luck with this.


With all of these wonderful recommendations I hope you don’t ignore them and you go back to the wound care clinic if it hasn’t healed. With all that you’ve got going on with your circulation you know you need to care for your feet and legs. If your mental health is being negatively affected by this issue don’t hesitate to speak with your PCP. I can totally understand how this could bum you out.


Hi. I was hospitalized for a surgical wound that wouldn't heal. The wound care people put medical manuka honey on it, then bandaged it. They came every day and did this. The brand was Medihoney. You can get it on Amazon. I always keep a tube of it handy. Maybe you could call the wound care center or your PCP and ask if you could use it until you can be seen?

Best wishes,

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