Worried about stomach Cancer

Posted by jdevilish @jdevilish, May 22, 2020

Over a year ago now I had an endoscopy and was diagnosed with gastritis. Recently I have been having terrible acid reflux, nausea and stomach and chest pain. I’ve gone to the doctors for bloods and need to provide stool/urine samples, but the last couple of days I have completely lost my appetite, like I can’t put food in my mouth and chew without feeling sick. I have never lost my appetite like this and even using cannabis does not help with my appetite, I am really scared and it’s taking a massive toll on me mentally. Has anyone experience anything similar?

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Hello @jdevilish and welcome to Mayo Connect,

I am sorry to hear of your change in appetite and other digestive upsets. Worrying about cancer is probably common when symptoms change. Your symptoms, however, can suggest a less worrisome diagnosis. In addition to the endoscopy, have you had any other diagnostic tests like ultrasounds, CT scan of the abdomen, etc.?

Here are some questions to help you sort out your symptoms: Are you currently taking any meds (either OTC or prescription) for gastritis? Have you lost weight due to the decrease in your appetite? Do you have any other health issues, like chronic constipation and/or diarrhea? Has your cannabis use increased recently/how long have you used cannabis and is your treating physician aware of your use (and the amount)?

I hope that you contact your doctor either by phone or through the patient portal so that you can get some help and reassurance about your fear of cancer. Also, please remember that it is always your right to get a second opinion if you don't feel that your problems are being resolved with your current medical team.

Will you consider talking with your doctor or getting a second opinion?


@jdevilish – You are not alone! Over the years I have had problems with gastritis, reflux and esophagitis- often with intense nausea. I have had worries too, but I like to share my worries with my doctor- or I go crazy. Maybe you need another endoscopy? None of us feel like going to the doctor during this pandemic, but it would help if you contact your doctor for a treatment plan.


Hello @jdevilish,

Earlier in the year, you posted about stomach problems and your concern about a possible stomach cancer diagnosis.
I was just wondering how you are feeling now? Has your appetite returned?

I would like to hear from you with an update. Did you get a diagnosis for this problem?

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