Working hours with autoinmunity

Posted by Lorena Egas @lorena1egas, Jun 8 9:01am

How many hours per week Can you work without pushing yourself into a flare or fatigue/mental burnout?

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@lorena1egas Hi, Lorena and welcome back. Do you currently have a job or are you looking for one? Are you concerned whether you have the stamina to work? I do know that for me fatigue always gets in the way of finishing projects or even starting them! And I’m retired. Let’s let the members chime in to help you.


I think it varies per person and based on their list of symptoms and diagnoses. What I do and suggest you do is keep track with a journal to note energy levels and schedule/time. You want to know when you have the most energy and prioritize those times to get things done or work. Note when you do too much and what symptoms are triggered. What triggers them, when, etc. so you can adjust what you do, how long, times of day, etc. You need to make sure to get enough sleep, exercise and eat well to support overall health, take medications and supplements that support your health, get mental health support, ask for help/support from others, etc. I now know my limitations, prioritize the most important things to accomplish with my daily energy level which varies daily, etc. I have adjusted my expectations down to deal with my health reality. I used to work 50-60+ hours per week plus home/son as a single parent. I am now lucky to do much daily/weekly due to low energy levels and chronic pain/weakness. I can’t really work now due to the variability of my energy/strength but forgive myself when I can’t do more than an hour of tasks per day. Be kind to yourself.


with me every day is different. Sometimes i have extraordinary energy/stamina. Sometimes i can barely keep my eyes open at 10 am and feel like going back to bed. For me, maximum flexibility is key.


@lorena1egas Lorena, I think this is something that can vary with each person, and each person's level of disease. There are so many autoimmune conditions. We can deal with one or several, with different degrees of involvement.

As @elisabeth007 has said, each day can be different. As @dlydailyhope mentioned, creating a journal with timelines for energy peaks can really be helpful.

Until the end of 2015 I was working a very demanding job. I asked my hours to be cut back, but my organization refused. I was left with no choice but to leave a job/career I loved. Mornings are usually my best time of day. What are your plans, may I ask?

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