With all lights flashing

Posted by jdiakiw @jdiakiw, Dec 2, 2022

I’m leaving soon
With all lights flashing.
I’ve never felt so sure.
So sure I beam
Brighter than ever.
My body slips away, as my spirit soars
Buoyed aloft by hundreds of my students words
My travel buddies, friends.
By memories.

I’m bursting with life!
I’m weeping with joy
So sure of life, of living,
Of loving proudly, deeply.
I shout out, again and again. .
I love. . . I love you . . .
You. . . And you . . And you.

Loving deeply, deeply loved.

Don’t you know yet?
it’s your light that lights the world (Rumi )

On lab reports I’m dead.
but I still thrive.
I still burn bright.
in life’s final stage.
A day , maybe a year,
even more.
But however long it is …
Tis’ a final glorious light show,
Of one man’s life in the cosmos
It is just a flicker in time.
. . . it is an ending.

I’m still telling my stories
I’ve more stories to tell
I’m still loving,
With more love to give,
More joy to share,
More tears to cry

I’m leaving soon
With all lights flashing,
still shouting, — I love you, I love you. . .
and you. . . and you . . and you.

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Thank you for this exciting poem. I mean it because it’s immediate and exhilarating to think that all lights are on, flashing and fully present after many experiences that have deepened us and sensitized us to our own emotions and gratitude for the experience of life! Thank you once again for capturing this time in life so positively.


Your poem was beautiful, thank touy


What an affirmation!!

I'm a big fan of Rumi. Just to bring to mind, that we are the light each morning, would be a great way to start the day.

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