Will another orthopedic surgeon look at your joint replacement if you

Posted by cm19 @cm19, Oct 8 4:56pm

I had a partial knee replacement 55 days ago and I am having issues with stiffness and pain just this last week. I am not near my orthopedic surgeon’s office and I am wondering if anyone else will look at it since I am 4 hours away from my doctor. Before this week my therapy was coming along and I was able to walk around quite well. Now I can hardly walk.

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@cm19 Welcome to Mayo Connect where we try to support one another through life's challenges.
I'm sorry to hear that you have hit a rough patch in your recovery. Theses things do happen when recovering from complex surgery like a knee replacement.

Your question is a good one, and my gut feeling is that most surgeons would be reluctant to see you if there is any way you can get to the original doctor.

My best suggestion is to call one the first thing Monday morning and ask a local surgeon to see you, but with the scarcity of appointments these days, don't be surprised to hear either a "No" or the offer of an appointment a month or more in the future. Or call the operating surgeon and see if they can refer you to someone local.

Otherwise, if the pain becomes severe, or if you are worried about an infection or something displaced, visit the Emergency Department of the nearest large hospital with an orthopedic surgery department. They will have access to an on call orthopedic surgeon for a consultation.

Please let me know if you find help.


Thanks so much for your input.

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