why is my hyponychium short?

Posted by haileyhasquestions @haileyhasquestions, Aug 15, 2023

after getting my acrylics soaked off my nails are healthy and long. thru a failed gel Like nail appointment they shortened but are growing back just fine now. but my hyponychium isn't overgrown like before. why? will my short hyponychium cause my nails to he less strong and less lengthy? thank you for any feedback.

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@haileyhasquestions Welcome to Mayo Connect. You pose an interesting question. Let's explain for the layman that the hyponechium is what is commonly called the "quick" the layer of skin that seals the nail to the nailbed.
Actually, a "normal" hyponechium ends at or just before the tip of the finger. When one wears acrylic or gel nails over time, it may grow out further, attached to the visible underside of the nail tip.
What you are seeing now is the normal state of a healthy fingernail. Your natural nails will not be as hard as artificially coated nails, so may break more easily. You can keep them as healthy as possible be eating a diet with adequate protein and calcium. Also treat them gently, trimming and filing with sharp scissors and emery boards, not harsh files. Keep them moisturized and protected from harsh chemicals.

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