Why do glucose numbers range so different?

Posted by kateia @kateia, Aug 13, 2019

My number before supper last night was 135. I had BBQ pork sandwich, tomatoes, raw veggies, muskmelon, and a Chrystal Lite drink. When I checked my numbers 1 1/2 hours later my glucose was 220!! I can't believe that a "bun" would cause it to raise that much. So being frustrated, I took a bath, drank a full glass of water and checked numbers again 45 minutes later. It was 147. Why do they range so much? Was it the Chrystal Lite and the fake sugar?It was supposed to be a treat but if it raises numbers like that I guess I can't drink it.


@kateia I understand your situation. We live in the county and our PCP and my endo are 30 minutes away. Sometimes being your own dr. which is what I say I have to be for my diabetes, is the only way. Our PCP knows nothing about diabetes; the lab computer discovered that from a routine blood check. I have my last appointment with my endo a week from today. He is retiring at the end of Sept., so I will be my own dr. He is the only endo in the area so I will fly solo. I don't have a gym either, so my exercise is house walking. I do have a two story house so up and down the stairs works too. I also have exercise DVD's and can use those for a workout, and I have a treadmill, but I don't use it because my feet are causing problems. The one thing you do need to know is what your A1C is. Can your husband's dr. check that? It is important to know. You are doing well. Just stay on target.

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I have lots of DVD's, a mini trampoline and a bike in the house. Those I will do but it's not the same as walking outside. I can't handle cold weather so walking outside in the winter is out. I have bursitis in my right hip and have to watch closely that I don't injure it as the whole leg is affected if I do. The whole month of June was a big trial for me. The pain was awful and OTC pain meds was all that I could take. Lots of icing too. My A1C was 10.1 when I started two months ago. Two years prior it was 6.5 and doctors said I was fine. However, I was under lots of stress when I had it taken. My husband had a sepsis infection and had to have plate and screws taken out of his leg. Then recovery and 6 weeks of antibiotic through a port 3x/day. He's back to normal now. I plan on having it checked the end of October. I want a good 3-4 months to go by before I do the test. She will do it. I'm feeling good about what I'm doing. Fall work will be starting soon so it will be very busy. Thanks for sharing. Kateia


I don't have diabetes, or pre-diabetes. My lipid glucose has tended to be slightly above the norm. Most recent 114. However, A1C was 5.1. Been happening that way, in recent years. Maternal grandmother was hypoglycemic. One of her sons, a husky diabetic, ate donuts, and sadly, was found dead, days later, when another uncle checked on him. He was a reformed alcoholic. My hub's now pre-level. Also drank, hopefully not anymore. I don't drink, and was only a social drinker, when I had. After digestive issues, there were concerns I've become underweight. Interesting how age, etc, can change our numbers.

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