Whom to see for true assessment of mastectomy surgery outcome.

Posted by colely @colely, Sep 18 9:51am

Hello. Three years ago I had a simple, skin sparring, mastectomy with 4 sentinel lymph nodes removed. The last time I saw my surgeon, was when I was going into mastectomy surgery. My surgery N.P. says, " Nicely Healed" when I see her. My male physiatrist moves my shoulder around and sends me to P.T. or O.T. I feel I am not being told the truth. I have vertical dents in my chest. I have thick raised scarring that looks like a small hose in my axilla that is not related to my guitar string cording. Do I go to another mastectomy doctor, or plastic surgeon at another hospital for the TRUTH?

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When I had my mastectomy, I had a tissue expander placed and filled as I wanted reconstruction following treatment. With that choice, my surgeon stopped seeing me and the plastic surgeon became primary. This plan was explained to me before surgery.


I had a double mastectomy and went flat. I use a prosthesis and nobody would ever know. It sounds like you did not reconstruct and that you might have some lymphedema and cording. If you are getting OT, then that should be helpful. I had the same issue.
I am very smooth in my chest area. Girls have different results, especially if the surgeon is leaving loose tissue thinking you may reconstruct later. If you are unhappy, you might want to see another breast surgeon to see if they can correct any problems and make you happier. Don’t just live with it, if you are displeased or uncomfortable.


Go see an onco-plastic surgeon for a second opinion. He/ she will give you an evaluation as that's the work done by them daily. He/ she can offer opinions and options.


I agree- get an opinion from a plastic surgeon who does post mastectomy care.

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