Which Upper GI Infections Mimic an H. Pylori Infection?

Posted by kidprodigy @kidprodigy, May 2, 2021

Dear Mayo Clinic Connect Members,

I regret to inform you that I do not have nor have I ever had an H. Pylori infection according to this negative H. Pylori IgG/IgA/IgM antibody blood test. I told everyone around me that I finally had a diagnosis until now. 😢

I tested negative for H. Pylori on biopsy by upper endoscopy procedure, 15-20 urea breath tests and 10-15 stool antigen tests over the past 6-9 months. For these reasons I’m giving up on an H. Pylori diagnosis and all of my doctors have dismissed it now, too.

However, my symptoms fit an H. Pylori infection, chronic gastritis/duodenitis were discovered on upper endoscopy and I respond well to H. Pylori treatment. This leads me to believe I have a different infection in my upper GI tract and it’s either bacterial or parasitic in nature. 🦠

I’m working with a new specialist now and I’d like your thoughts on an alternative diagnosis. What bacterial or parasitic infections in the upper GI tract are chronic and produce symptoms that mimic an H. Pylori infection??

Also, I'm struggling to locate an infectious disease physician who specializes in diagnosing and treating parasitic infections in the North Texas region. Can you recommend someone for me? If so, please forward me his/her contact information so I can schedule a new patient appointment right away.

Thanks for your feedback!! 🙏

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I had H Pylori infection along with a bleeding ulcer and chronic gastritis. I got rid of the H Pylori and ulcer but can't shake the chronic gastritis. Let me know if you ever get rid of the chronic gastrtis.


I too have this same issue and would be interested in following this link as more information is learned and remedies are found . My problems have existed for years and I've had different diagnoses and am usually just given an antibiotic when a recurrence occurs of the pain and other symptoms. But I don't like continuing to take the antibiotics over and over.


Oh no! Don't give up. My daughters tests were all negative the first time around, blood tests and biopsies. 2 years later she tested positive for H. Pylori. It took us 3 years to get a diagnosis. Hang in there.

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