Where to even start with bone drugs

Posted by tarzy @tarzy, Feb 1 7:55am

I had a dexa scan almost 10 years ago which showed scores in the low 2’s. My recent dexa scan shows my back and neck at a 4 and the rest of my body in the 3.6 range and a major fracture risk of 24%. Needless to say I am very stressed out about this.
I was very sick with gut issues in 2016, lost 25lbs and had trouble eating anything and just this past year was finally able to gain 10lbs.
I eat well, go to the gym 3-4 days a week and feel very healthy but now this hidden danger has me on my heels.
I don’t do well on western medications and have tried Fosamax twice but it made me feel terrible. My doctor wants me in asap to discuss treatment options and I am ordering McCormicks book to read but feel very overwhelmed as to what drugs to use.
I am also starting a supplement (Primal Bone) that is high in calcium and contains mag, boron, D3, K2 etc.
This forum has been a great help but I just don’t know where to start.

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The oncologist did not rule it out but the endocrinologist had a concern. I did not follow up further as I am not one to have to do something daily.

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