When to Agree to an MUA for Knee Replacment

Posted by dkapustin @dkapustin, Mar 16, 2019

Hey everyone, I see my OS on Tuesday and I’m afraid he’s going to recommend an MUA and I would like some feedback regarding my hesitancy to go forward. I had my surgery on 1-23-2019 and my knee was filled with fluid and severely swollen so ROM was 80 leaving hospital but was 90 ( self assist pull) a a few weeks later. Since then, I’ve been going to outpatient rehab 3/week for a month and am now 0/105 (no assistance) and at 112 with self assistance. My therapist said that I could live a normal life with 110 degree bend and is confident that I’ll at least reach that if not way more by continuing with therapy. My OS may not see it that way but my hesitancy derives from the following. 1. I have Osteoporosis 2. The medication I take for OP cause bones to be more brittle ( I know, it’s a double-edged sword) 3. I had a hip replacement on the same side as the affected knee in 2007 and the stem in the femoral has always caused me a little discomfort but not worth the risk of a revision. Those 3 factors make my risk of fracture more elevated than that of other people. Of course I will discuss this with my doctor but I think we can all agree that some doctors don’t always do what is best for the patient even though their intentions are good. I will be happy to just be able to walk, drive, go the gym, and be pain free. I’m already doing full rotations on the bike and I feel that with therapy, I will be ok but I’m not sure. What are your thoughts regarding this? I know you can’t give medical advice and you don’t know anything about me but some of you may know more about MUA’s and the risks associated with them. Maybe some of you are on OP drugs and had one.. Just putting it out there to see if I can get some feedback TIA

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@dkapustin It sounds to me as if you have intelligently and thoroughly given this much thought and considered everything. I think you have actually made your decision. It sounds to me like the right decision for you, but of course your doctor may have input that changes your mind. If you trust him, and I assume you do if you had him operate on you, try to keep an open mind.


Hi @dkapustin you may have noticed I moved your post to the Joint Replacements group (https://connect.mayoclinic.org/group/joint-replacements/) so that you can connect with others who have experience with total knee replacements and a MUA. Click VIEW & REPLY to see your post.

I also wanted to thank @contentandwell for responded to your post and also wanted to introduce you to fellow Connect member @gator1965 as she has experience with a MUA after a TKR and may be able to help answer questions about the procedure.

Back to you @dkapustin why do you think your doctor will recommend a MUA?


Thank you for moving me in the correct group. Well, I'm not doing that great with the ROM and seem to be stuck at 105-112 but we'll see what happens during the next two weeks. Those aren't numbers he's going to be happy with. 🙂

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