When did you finally recieve answers?

Posted by ella2000 @ella2000, Jan 4, 2018

Hi, I am new here but have had chronic back pain for years(5-7) and now chronic pain in my lower belly on both sides. I have been treated at UNC for the last few years but located back home to Chicago 4 months ago.
I was not happy with my care I was receiving in NC.
My back pain has been here for 5-7 years. I have 3 herniated discs, DDD, spinal stenosis and more. I have been on muscle relaxers and anti inflammatory medication. I stopped those as nothing helped and had a bleeding ulcer. I have had 2 different injections and had bad reactions to them. Since then I have had no answers and no help in relieving the pain. It’s an everyday pain in my lower back and hips.
In January of last year I was in the ER for the worst pain ever. Left finding out I had two very large kidney stones, two ovarian cysts and anemia.
Kidney stones were never found but assumed that they dissolved. Therefore, I don’t know what kind they were. Have not had one since.
I have reoccurring ovarian cysts. They are really painful and a constant pain.
Anemia has been a struggle. It’s not due to heavy periods, verified by tests. I can not take oral iron as that was the reason for my bleeding ulcer. Since December the doctor here told me to start taking iron again. I have for a month and have similar pain to when I had an ulcer. Next treatment is taking two pills. It frightens me to do this.
But back in NC I had two infusions. That got my levels in a lot better place but not where the normal levels should be

So my question is how long did it take for you all to finally get an answer to your pain? Even now I feel at a loss to what they have told me at mayo. It’s almost the same thing I have heard in the past. They through out some ideas. And of course the famous line “we will watch it and check it in a little”
I am just so sick of being in pain on a daily basis and having even docs say I am in such an early phase of chronic pain that I should be fine. I have no energy, I am not who I use to be and I don’t know how long I can keep up with this.
Thanks for listening to my rant. I am just so exhausted and sick of this all.

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