What type of weight vest do you use?

Posted by baguette @baguette, Apr 29 12:23pm

My gynecologist recommended I use a weight vest for my osteoporosis. I am getting confused over the many choices. Many seem too big and clunky for a small female (they seem to be designed for men mostly). Then there are some that form a V instead of being a true vest.

Who has had experience wearing a vest? What type/brand did you use, and what is your height/weight if you don't mind? I am 5 feet tall, 130.

There has been discussion here of using weight vests in general, and in the past this was posted: https://americanbonehealth.org/exercise/weighted-vests-for-bone-health/

Thanks for sharing your personal experience, if anyone has any to share!

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The only true “vest” I saw (not a V shape short version) is on Amazon and it’s $149. But ran out of stock.


I never used a weighted vest so can’t comment. You might want to look up that kind of information at Margaret Martin’s website melioguide.com. She is a PT from Canada and provides great, science based information.


I use ankle weights and do leg exercises. Each weight is 2 1/2 pounds. The weights wrap around your ankle and you feel it as you do leg exercises. I don’t recall where I got them as it’s been years. My husband bought them when he was a runner.


My rheumatologist told me not to wear a weighted vest as it could cause spinal fractures. I also had heard Sara Meeks echo that sentiment. Years ago, I purchased a ten pound weight vest for women in a discount store for about $20.00. I wound up giving it away.


I use a 10 lb weight vest made by Body Fit. I wear it when I walk- try to do 4 miles, 3 times a week. Not sure if it helps. I'll find out on the next scan.

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