What to wear after shoulder replacement

Posted by cattanzer @cattanzer, Apr 28 7:16am

How does one dress with an immobile arm? Are there special clothes with snaps? Ladies please advise!


Chris, I appreciate info from anyone who has gone through this! How many days/weeks after shoulder replacement surgery do they have you start PT? Before the slings come off?

I am thinking ahead and trying to coordinate a time of year that would be easier for my husband to drive me to PT for 4-6 weeks. I was hoping to put surgery off for another year, but recent painful incidents might make me move it up. I have a follow up appointment with my surgeon in July, have been getting cortisone shots, but they don't help my shoulder as much as they used to. I know I have been stressing the shoulder with all the garden work with rakes and shovels and heavy carrying, so maybe it will settle down once the major work is over.

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Good afternoon @ddsack…..Hi again. You know what, I don't remember when I started PT. I know that my PT conferenced with my surgeon regarding the activities and frequencies. It must have all worked. I had a reverse replacement surgery and at that time it was very new and folks were just seeing what might work best. In some states, you just cannot drive with a sling or immobilizer. I had an art gallery at the time and actually, my customers helped me reach pieces and wrap selections.

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