What testing are people having after thyroid cancer surgery?

Posted by koh @koh, Jan 3 11:29pm

What tests are people having and how often; to follow the Hurthle cell carcinoma and thyroid levels. My doctor is not doing what she had said I needed to have for follow up and I’m tired of constantly asking for tests because I don’t feel well.
What areas do we need to have with bloodwork? How often should I have blood work? Are there other scans that should be done? I have a pain in my neck and it feels like a swollen gland. Dr finally did ultrasound and Ct scan and then just said it’s fine ( lymph node was bigger but not big enough to worry?). Pain still there so I’m curious what tests and scans are used for follow up. Thanks!

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@koh, you've probably already seen this:
– Hurthle Cell Cancer Long-Term Follow-Up https://www.thyroidcancer.com/thyroid-cancer/hurthle/follow-up

I'm tagging @traceyjhp @cnicole @susanau @bfrank @connierogers @joe6767 @skipeak to bring them into this discussion to share their cancer follow-up schedules and testing.

It sounds like you are not confident in the current followup plan that you have with your oncologist. It also sounds like you have 2 separate issues going on 1) what is the normal followup regime and 2) what is causing this persistent pain? I would tackle the pain first. You want that investigated and your questions answered to ensure it is either a normal part of the healing process or needs further investigation.


Thank you so much! I had read this months ago but had forgotten about it.

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