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Posted by Mrs. H @amberheilman, May 29, 2019

Hi guys. Last time I started/joined a discussion I went really dark😁
So much better mentality. Thanks for not kicking me out.
So I have a dr. Appointment coming up & I just go blank when I go in. I was so glad "it" wasn't lupus last time. He diagnosed me with sfn & Then dr asked if I had any questions. Nope, nothing.
Well, now I have questions. My skin is burning like I have a sun burn. Is that normal? Is the progression of 5 months just in my feet to everywhere normal? He did not speak of preventing or anything. Going for 2nd opinion in july.
Would like more homeopathic. Did frankincense &myrrh, changing diet, less stress. Still getting worse. What questions am I missing?
I am fighting this, but I will not just drug myself❤


Mrs. H I am so sorry. You are much younger than me (64) and this truly sucks! Get the card! I would if I had it as badly as you. I forgot, I did lots of bloodwork as well. And what good was that? I felt cheated because two months before retiring this all started and now after all of our similar testing we have no answer. I asked about lasers, particularly Calmare (or Scrambler)Therapy. Nobody on here had experience. I will spend my retirement savings for whatever treatment just so I can at least enjoy these years!

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I am sorry to hear your situation as well. Take care. When I find something that helps, I will let you know❤


Thank you, Same here Amber

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