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Posted by stuckonu @stuckonu, Nov 26, 2019

Written down, walked away to do something else, Sweating like pig, vision impossible to describe. Bottom line it’s essential to notice the nuances of change but also critically important to get someone to listen and hear.

I’m floating in space and hope that someone hears the report.

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I’m not sure how long I’ve been away but when I came back yesterday I couldn’t find my post and I even mentioned it in another post about ways that would make it easier for me and I think everyone to find automatically were they left off. I know this is not that subject but perhaps there’s a connection for this reason: as I read the Mayo article I read about many complications including mood changes although in complete honesty I’m not sure they use those words. But anxiety and depression were words I do remember. I have a lot of those two words going on.
I want to answer lioness’s question about: “ why don’t you go to your ( outside the VA doctor and “ LET HIM…” do your work up. Unlike the old me certain things trigger in me an anger, not so much at people who ask questions but when I calm down and think about what IT IT, “ IT “ for me is all that is wrapped in the question especially when I think I see and or experience the reasons and details that In My Humble Opinion ( IMHO ) are the ultimate truth which is very directly of a profession that openly calls what they do PRACTICE. Think about that a moment. So, for the record I have not only asked other doctors to test me for other possibilities after reading the Mayo article I got the VA doc to do ALL OF THE BLOOD AND URINE TESTs turns out I have all of the signs and numbers to support HPTism. Notice the time of the year. Being sarcastic I’ve been saying that “ i’m Not NOSTRADAMUS “ but it won’t be until 2020 that a solid absolute DX will be known; if I live that long.
Without a doctor who takes this seriously or a group/support who knows I’m going through stuff and in a world going through crazy changes show me that they know and care like I do about my friends vs going off in their own direction like that heard of bison on the nature channel this weekend who were being chased down by two wolves. One 2000 lb bison gets pulled own by one wolf and the heard keeps running for a while instead of turning around and using their collective 2000 lb times 20 to go after 2 180 lb wolves.
In my head I knew that it’s not in their nature to support and save one of their own. They must have realized that the wolves were on a lunch break nooshing on one of their own. They actually stopped running, at a little grass and watched the show.
Marines ( all military personnel ) leave no one behind. I’m not positive about this but when I hear about 22 GIs commuting suicide a day and the degree of homelessness I think I know why: the family we leave behind doesn’t know how to “ leave no one behind “ after a few weeks or months trying to figure out what “ is wrong with our child, spouse, sibling, peer, loved one, they give up on them which signals the veteran to leave.
I’m not a shrink but I’ve sat in with war vets who remarkably have similar stories.
Now back to the doctors: I’ve been recording all calls with my camcorder so we can see how my behavior changes as I attempt to communicate with them.
Lioness no one knows how to listen let alone hear what’s being said. After 2.5 years they finally took a PTH test as well as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and D everything is way off.
All I can think is that a patient can’t tell a doctor what to do. I walked in to an ENT doc and told him what’s been going on. He retested but interestingly enough he told me that he never heard testing after fasting so his numbers were off but not as off as the VA.
I’ve been keeping a journal detailing everything. I still don’t think ANY OF THE DOCTORS KNOW ABOUT THIS DISEASE!!!! Tomorrow I see an endocrinologist I hope he listens

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@stuckonu I read your post loud and clear. Very glad you were able to convince a doctor to retest you. It sounds like you now have more than one set of values to work with, perhaps from different doctors? I am hoping that the formal diagnosis in 2020 comes very early in the year, to give you and your team a pathway to work on. Thyroid issues certainly can present in different ways, can't they. Good for your persistence.
Now, if you go to your profile, you can see all the posts your have put up here. And below each post you will see which group/discussion that particular post was placed in. This way you can go right back to that same thread to see others' responses in order. I hope this helps.
Wishing you a more positive day today, and that you are warmed up after your time under the tree.

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