What lab tests do you suggest i take?

Posted by helpdiagnoseme @helpdiagnoseme, Mar 15, 2018

I'm sure I'm suffering from an autoimmune disease, possibly thyroid or Lyme Disease. It's the only thing that fits every symptom I have. And trust me, I can check off every symptom under these 2 things. However, you know how PC Doctors are when you have shitty insurance. I heard there is an online company ran by doctors that will order full panel tests for Thyroid and I just have to show up at the lab to take it and they will mail me the results and point out anything abnormal. However, I got this info and panel from a Thyroid site. I don't just want to do a Thyroid panel. I want to do everything else most doctors don't test for when suffering from a possible autoimmune diseases. What do you suggest I test for. I'm falling apart. To the point I feel like i'm fading away and it's scaring me. I have to do something fast. I can't live like this. The flare ups and symptoms are getting more frequent and consistent. TY

Hello @helpdiagnoseme — I have no medical training or background but found the following website that has quite a bit of information that may be helpful. It's a good site that speaks to lab tests for autoimmune disorders, by illness. Its not meant to dwell on, just a good reference.


Hope this helps…


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