What else is there to do??? Exercise , walking, massage, heat, cold,

Posted by callie642 @callie642, Jul 28, 2023

It's been several years since TKR. Still have a lot of pain, not as much
flexibility as I would like. I am 81, very active, but hurt a lot. I just expected a better result. Wanted to easily hike up and down a stream, fish, walk hills ... 2 docs say, oh you are amazing!!! They don't get that I
didn't get the result I wanted. Any new ideas???? I am NOT a pill person.

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I agree...I am also ten months out and experience swelling, soreness and still some inflammation but it's the therapist that makes the difference. I don't put in the work that I should and am back in physical therapy trying to get back to where I was at 3-4 months or so. I'm being more faithful to exercising. Being active isn't doing it because I don't stretch like I should. I go shopping, walk 5-15,000 steps a day, mow my grass etc... everything except getting off the floor (that's an experience) but I have learned I still need to do the proper exercises each day. Yes, physicians do make mistakes however most of the time I feel like it can be us because we can be our worst enemies as I certainly am. I did not have robotic surgery but the surgeon I went to was good at what he does. I was 2nd of the day and they only work mornings.


I think that probably everything does look fine from an anatomical perspective when a surgeon is looking at out knees via X-ray post op. However, what is not captured is nerve damage which in my experience was a real hamper to my recovery. The limitations that occur during nerve cell repair can be very discouraging.

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