What can I expect having a Mastectomy of left breast

Posted by Glori @elvandi, Jul 19, 2017

After a Lumpectomy, I am now told that I would need a mastectomy, since cancer is pass margins. What can I expect with this procedure of a full removal of breast.


So glad you have good news. Did you have Chemo afterwards or just the hormone pill to take. Also, I wonder what age group are you in.

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After my mastectomy I had Chemo and Radiation and I have been taking Exemestane as well. I have a good team following me now. Thanks! The support has been important to me in this ongoing journey.


Good question, RunningLakes!
I’m tagging fellow Connect members who have had a mastectomy. Hopefully @hereigoagain @cindylb @djankord1 @deniseestrada @marbar369 @barbarah can share their experiences and help prepare you for what you can expect.

When will you have the procedure, @elvandi? Are you also considering reconstruction?

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I was told that I could have two lumpectomies on my left breast because I had two different kinds of cancer in that breast. I decided to have bilateral mastectomies because I would not have a nipple on the left breast and I felt it would look hideous. My lymph nodes were clear and they told me to return once a year for a checkup and then have a MRI in five years. But to my surprise, 3-1/2 years later my back was full of cancer! Just remember, if you have any back pain whatsoever, I would have the doctor do another MRI or CT scan to check for cancer.


If your identity is your birth year you are the same age as my oldest daughter.
I had a Modifies Right Mastectomy in 1993, 25 years ago come January 2018.
Prayers just for you.

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