What are your suggestions for a quiet place to relax between appts?

Posted by Jamie Olson @jamienolson, Jun 25, 2017

What are your favorite quiet places to relax in between appointments while at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, Arizona or Florida?

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Outdoors in good weather - the little sunken and shady courtyard behind the Harwick Building, just kiddy-corner from Mayo building. There is a chapel in Eisenberg too. The Rochester Public Library has some nooks and crannies and plenty of reading and listening material.


I'm not sure which "campus" you are referring to, but my favorite spot to relax during my husband's surgery and hospital stay last summer was the St. Francis Peace Garden located on the west side of the Generose Building at 14th Ave S.W. and 4th St. S.W. The University of Minnesota describes it as a "small garden attached to St. Mary’s Hospital, part of the Mayo Clinic. It was designed to honor the spirit of St. Francis, and intended as a refuge for patients, families, and visitors to the hospitals." The link to the University of Minnesota's garden website is: https://mngardens.horticulture.umn.edu/st-francis-peace-garden


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Thank you for sharing this information! It will become a very useful piece of information for someone. Also, Thank you for bringing up "campus location", this too will be helpful for future readers to know. I will edit my post to reflect which state/location I am referring to.


The 19TH floor between the Mayo and Gonda buildings just relaxes me


Hi there! I go to the Mayo in Jacksonville, Fl. There are many nice places to hang out at between appts. If time and weather permits, I stroll the park-like setting of their outdoor grounds, or have coffee or meal in the cafe or on the patio, or sit in the comfy chairs that are banked by the large windows in the corridors. The JAX Mayo has an overall calm feel to it. As an artist, I especially love seeing the artwork throughout the facility.


Another interesting place in Rochester, MN to see is the Mayo Clinic Heritage Hall – http://history.mayoclinic.org/tours-events/mayo-clinic-heritage-hall.php



If you are at the Mayo Clinic campus in Rochester and find yourself downtown, the little Park west of the Guggenheim Building downtown (across from the Baldwin parking ramp) is nice, with plenty of trees, bushes and benches. The little plaza between the Plummer/Siebens Buildings and the Mayo Building is also nicely landscaped and has nice benches to rest upon.

In the warmer months, sitting outside at Hefe Rojo, the roof of The Tap House or La Vetta (great downtown view) is pleasant for a drink or meal.

If you are at Saint Marys, there are pretty parks behind the hospital and to the north of it along 14th Ave. Also, if you are up for more of a walk, the neighborhood behind Saint Marys is traditionally called Pill Hill and is fun to walk around and see all the unique older homes.


The Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program is a healing tranquil place to go in between appointments while at Mayo in Rochester, MN. They have yoga classes that open to the public (small fee) or you can actually book a relaxation therapy such as massage at Rejuvenate (also for a reasonable fee). Going to the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Center really helped give me an infusion of positive energy during mentally/physically challenging days. It’s very easy to find and is a lovely serene space.


My favorite secret spot is what I call the "nap room" right next to the communications center in the Gonda building, subway level. Wonderful recliners and ideal lighting for rest time! #askthemayoconcierge

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This is my favorite spot too!!!! I love all the other places noted but this is a special place to recharge


I envy you all that are looking for a place to relax between appts at Mayo. Some of us don't have that option. With some disabilities, it takes us forever to get from one appt to another...at least at the Mayo in Minnesota where each change of site is a hike. Maybe they designed it that way so us patients get some exercise while there! gailfaith

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