What are the next steps after getting a diagnosis?

Posted by kevenk2 @kevenk2, 4 days ago

I had a chest x-ray 10/28/2022 as a compontent of a physical clearance for a left knee replacement. I had the knee replacement. The Doctor noted DISH in his closing sentence. There was a concern about my lungs and then open heart surgery so it has taken 2 years to get a DISH diagnosis. So far PT has been painful. I am very active gardener and Fly Fisher. In fact, I moved 544 bricks just yesterday. Yes, I am in pain and can hardly move my head side to side. I am not dietetic, having problems keeping my cholestrol levels out of the dangerously low levels when I am on cholestorl lowering medications, and on only blood thinners 9 months after open heart surgery. I walk all the time for gardening on an acre. All the reports I have been reading cover other underlining health problems. I have a doctor appointment this week to discuss the MRI results which do not sound good after the Tech asked why I did not inform him about the concrete that was injected into my back to stablize it. Should I just go back tomy normal workouts and try to include more yoga and stretching along with my active life style? So far I am really not getting answers from the doctor that provided the DISH diagnosis. Perhaps that will change with the MRI and talking to an altnerative medicine MD. Any recommendations would be helpful.

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I can see why your MRI tech was questioning you. Are you referring to bone cement in a procedure to stabilize your spine? That kind of information is important to share with your providers who may not have your full history and records. I think exercise recommendations need to come from your provider after you get your imaging results in order to know what is safe for you to do.

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