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Week after chemo

Posted by @colfordconnors, Thu, Dec 6 9:44pm

I am doing chemo for ovarian cancer and find the week after chemo very stressful. First of all they usually have trouble setting up my IV. I do not have a port. For the week after chemo I am constipated and feel terriable. I take something for the bowels them I have the diareaha. For 6-7 days I feel off. Like I might throw up, like I am not in balance. Not sure what to eat, have trouble sleeping, tired, etc. Have you got any suggestions for making that week any better. Thanks


I take my chemo in pill form. I’m actually on day 4 of a treatment today.
The first few days is nothing, just tired then the next 7 days literally suck.
All including what you mentioned. Sickly feeling, constipated, then finally the couple days of living on the toilet. I’m trying this time to take some miralax every day during to see if it helps.
I too would like some advice.
I’m on my 6 th treatment, and hopefully my last!

Didn’t have this reaction until quite a while into chemo but did take stool softeners and tried to be relaxed and rest. When this reaction started I needed blood transfusions and the leg weakness has gone on for quite a while. Be careful not to fall. Be very mindful about not tensing up about it all.Meditation? Listening to music and dreaming? It is hard.

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