Watch and wait is over: meningioma has grown

Posted by wkindel @wkindel, Oct 12, 2018

Had my 4th MRI last Friday and yesterday found out my tumor has grown some more. Dr is recommending removal before it grows too much more. It is pushing deeper into the brain tissue and attached to the superior Sagittal sinus vein. We are seriously considering coming to Mayo. My symptoms are about the same. Tinnitus, occasional auras, and moderate headaches. Radiostatic gamma knife is an option but not the best. I am scared and trying to be strong. I still work full time in a stressful job and need to keep working. Hoping for a two week recovery time. I sent a pm message to Colleen to find out my next steps. It is 2:30 am right now and can’t sleep. Has anyone had the surgery recently? How are you doing?

I am so happy for you!

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