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Posted by longhorn1 @longhorn1, Jun 1 9:30am

Does anyone have a recommendation for a walking shoe with excellent arch support that helps to alleviate back pain? Most of the ones I’ve seen are in excess of $100 which is more than I want to spend.

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@longhorn1 I get a lot of sturdy shoes from catfootwear.com. They have some on sale now. I like the Intruder shoe . They are very sturdy with good gripping soles.

The best support is getting custom made orthotics from a podiatrist and putting those in sturdy shoes, but that will be expensive. Even without adding orthotics, I find that the arch support is pretty good in Cat shoes. Caterpillar got into making shoes for safety for their workers building construction equipment. I also have some of their work boots for ankle support and toe protection. I had a bad ankle fracture 4 years ago and supportive boots help.


The pain clinic doctor told me a lot of her patients buy the Hey Dudes shoes...they are reasonable. Also, the Hoka shoe....this one is very expensive.

I bought orthotics (I think they were called powerstep....if you order on Amazon, you may be able to return them if they do not fit) from my podiatrist and put them in a good pair of tennis shoes and they really helped.

Praying for relief for you!


I've had an L-5 discectomy, thirty years ago, & lumbar sacral fusion in May of 2023. I wear orthotics in either Hoka or Keen.

More expensive than less supportive shoes & worth every penny to my spine. ☮️


In my opinion, Rockport shoes are very comfortable and supportive. You might be interested in their ProWalker line. I don't think they have retail stores anymore, but all are available on their website for $80 or less online.

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