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walk 23 steps and get totally out of breath and heartrate goes up

Posted by @sandsun in Digestive Health, Oct 29, 2011

I literally cannot do any thing anymore. I go to the mailbox which is 23 steps and I get shortness of breath and my heart rate starts beating rapidly. The pulmonologist has run tests and has said lungs are clear. The cardiologist has run tests and says heart is fine. Anyone else having these problems have any ideas.
I have to take a shower in steps and immediately lie down with towels over me to dry. I cook a small meal for my husband and have to rest several times. I do not clean or do laundry anymore. I am 69 and use to swim daily and/or bike or walk daily. Now I can't walk up the street and back.

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Posted by @birdsong, Oct 29, 2011

I am having the same problems and have just got out of the hosptial for it with same tests results. The only test evelated was dimer and lungs and heart test out fine. I've had these problems before. I was diagnosed with low IgG sublasses, the total count was in the normal range and I take IgG infusions for this and I have low alpha-1 which those transfusions have to be given weekely and so far the research isn't good. I rarelyt run a fever even when I have major infections because my immune system doesn't kick in as it should. I am currently takin an antibiotic, Levaquin even though blood counts for white cells are normal and I am feeling somewhat better and have more energy.

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Posted by @6021neal, Dec 2, 2011

I feel your pain, worst feeling in the world...... breathlessness. I can't do anything, taking a shower is a major undertaking. However, I know what caused my problems....... 55 years of smoking cigarettes. I am 70 years old, and finally threw the darn things away three weeks ago, I have no desire to go back, but the damage is done, and it is devastating. I am starting pulmonary rehab. next week. Hoping for a miracle, I guess, but, maybe they can help me a little bit. Obviously, your problem is not the same as mine. But the end result is the same. Maybe you should see another doctor....... at least I know why I had to pay the price.


Posted by @nanaluz, Mar 22, 2012

i know how you feel i am on oxyen 24/7 but it does't stop me from goiing places just came back from a cruise to alaska . i stopped smoking the day my daughter came home from m.d. anderson in houston cancer center and i never smoked again. i lost my daughter has been 5 years this month i am 72 and do the best that i can i wish that i never smoked but its to late now i hope you feel better.


Posted by @isurvivealone, Dec 4, 2011

I wish I was on this forum earlier to tell u of my experience. I am 62 now. Prior to 2005, I got my exercise by biking. In the spring of '05 I hopped on my bike for a short 8 mile ride to start building up my stamina for the upcoming biking season. After going about 2 miles I found myself gasping for air. I had to dismount and go to my knees to regain my breath. Doctors first said I had asthma and treatments never worked. Condition continued to get worse. The least bit of exertion would bring on this breathing attack. Then just standing from sitting position would cause me to gasp for a breath. Finally I found a doctor that sent me to a hematologist. In my case it turned out that I have multiple myeloma. A result of that caused me to be anemic, and getting blood transfusions seem to help some what. I now am back to having this problem being chronic, and am hopeful Mayo will accept my request for an appointment so I can have another opinion for my condition. I hope your docs find the cause of your condition, if not, consider seeing a hematologist. Good luck.


Posted by @dwh, May 25, 2012

I am gasping for breath with any exertion: showering, walking, especially up stairs, and sometimes I get out of breath just from talking for more than a couple minutes. I am 49 and have been gradually getting worse for last 3 years. My throat sometimes feels constricted and gets sore when I talk at length. Never smoked. Haven't been out of the country. I've had numerous tests, all normal: heart cath, lung scans, allergy tests, neurological, MRI, thyroid, endoscopy, chest x-rays, diaphragm radiology, and countless blood tests. I've had 2nd and 3rd opinions on many of these. Still no answers. I can't work full-time, and some days not at all.


Posted by @sandsun, May 25, 2012

When I finally went to a different doctor, she gave me a CBC blood test. None of my previous docs gave me a complete blood count. It is practically routine. So see if in all those blood tests you have been given, if one was a CBC. Turned out my hemoglobin was 5 and should be around 14. I almost died. Got blood transfusions and am taking iron now. Hope you get this and it helps. Let me know. I now get checked every three months and I am in a long recovery to get strength and endurance back.


Posted by @isurvivealone, Nov 2, 2012

Has anyone ever told you about POTS? Doctors don't like to go there because very difficult to diagnose. Buy I betlieve Mayo actually has


Posted by @isurvivealone, Dec 4, 2011

I also have blood preserve drop dramatically when I standup. I use to have BP of 150/80. Now 115/70. Sounds good but, when I stand or do anything causing exertion, my BP drops by up to 50 points, flooring me immediately. Still no answers.


Posted by @madison, Jan 5, 2012

I have the same problem of getting sob and my heart rate going up. I see three drs and I am going to ask them to consult each other. My pft for TLC is ok, my diffusion is less, my ck for polymyositis is ok, so why? I wonder if it' s the tapering of the predisone. My cardio has me on cardizen but heart rate is still high. I go to the pharmacy each day to get a reading. Bp is ok. I am 55 and have polymyositis with interstitial lung disease. My echo was ok for pulmonary hypertension - looking forward to my dr visit next week so THEY can fiqure it out!!!! Good luck to you - it is very tiring. -:)

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