Waiting for MRI guided biopsy results

Posted by sorrel @sorrel, Jun 3, 2021

Hi, I am new here. I hope to find some support and information. I had a stereo biopsy in my left breast two weeks ago. The results were benign. I have atypical lobular hyperplasia in one of the calcifications they biopsied. Breast surgeon said that it slighly elevates risk of breast cancer. We discussed seeing an oncologist to talk about taking Tamoxifen. Tuesday I had an MRI guided biopsy in the right breast because of a segmented clumped lesion enhancement. They took core needle (vaccum assisted) biopsy of the anterior and posterior part of this enhancement. It is a few inches from the upper outer quandrant of the right breast toward the nipple of the right breast. I also had a biopsy of a small focus enhancement on the left breast. I had these biopsies done on Tuesday and I am so anxious because I still haven't heard anything. The benign stereo biopsy- I got results early morning the next day. This is worrying me that it's taking so long. I keep thinking that they are looking more closely at these samples and doing extra tests to stage the cancer, etc. I am just so scared. The waiting is nerve wracking. I have googled these segmented enhancements and it scares me. I just need some support here. I am so scared. Thank you for reading all of this. I'd appreciate anyone who can chime in. I am worried sick. 🙁 Thank you, Sorrel x

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@sorrel, welcome. I understand the waiting worry. It's honestly the worst. Now I'm going to tell you what you already know - the worrying doesn't help anything and won't change the outcome. Does that mean you can put it out of your mind? No. So we're hear to be by your side as you wait.

I think your instinct is correct. It is taking a long time because they are being thorough. While you heard back the very next day with the first set of tests, this time there's perhaps more to look at or the backlog of samples is bigger or more people needed to review the results. So many things can account for it taking 2 or 3 days this time. That said, why don't you phone tomorrow or post a message on the patient portal?

Your job now is to get a good night's sleep. What can you do nice and soothing for yourself to encourage peaceful slumber?


The unknow is always scary. I always felt if I know the facts I can make a plan and deal with it. I went thru this few years ago and sat around waiting for phone to ring.

Not sure where you had biopsy none, I know at Mayo, the results on portal for radiology reports are delayed for three days. I assume that is so the provider ordering test has time to review the results.

I agree with Colleen, call or sent message to provider to ask about results. If person who is suppose to provide results are not available, ask if someone else is covering for them.

I hope you hear something before the weekend. If not, my advice is keep busy and do not get ahead of yourself.

My thought are with you

Laurie Mi


Call or send a message this morning (Friday) and ask for an update.

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