VISIBLE app to track symptoms

Posted by cjm58 @cjm58, May 27 11:56am

New app specific to long covid symptoms that are in the criteria for diagnosing long covid.
created by MD. (for iphone)

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I’ve recently started to use this. Right now I’m in a data gathering mode. I’ll post again when I have an opinion. Anyone else using this?


I’m using this. Almost done with data gathering but so far is a wake-up call in my over exertion. Already is helpful with pacing my days and realizing what activities lead to over exertion.


I just downloaded this . I was keeping notes on my phone so i a, hoping this makes it easier.


I have been using the VISIBLE app for a few months now and it was a wake up call as to my exertion levels. It has really helped me with pacing. A little off as to levels (mostly giving me a level 3 when I can’t actually do that much) but that it where you also have to pay attention to yourself. I got the monitor strap also and it really does help.


Is there a charge to use this app?

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